Designer and Builder of the scenic 1/32 Slot Car Racing layout 'Catalunya Pequeño'

Slot Car Layout

Catalunya Pequeño - scenic Scalextric layout - for sale




For sale - a fully scenic two lane layout based on the Spanish formula 1 Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya.

The layout captures the varying radius curves and long straights, and elevation changes of the original circuit.

Lots of details, figures,rare and hand painted buildings are included - see gallery below.

Unfortunately I haven't had space for the layout and it has been in storage for a number of years and the circuit now looking for a new home.

  • Two lane Scalextric Sport track, Sport World powered analogue layout.
  • Could easily be adapted to digital, the digital powerbase will fit, there are places to install straight and curved lane changers.
  • 10 rare classic building and 5 grandstands from Scalextric, MRRC and Airfix
  • Lots of figures
  • Static grass, trees, gravel, plaster cliff faces]
  • Lots of details and features around the track
  • Folding legs
  • Can be dismantled into two halves for traansportation or storage
  • Lane length: 1370cm
  • Collect from the Croydon (South London/Surrey) area

Gallery 2021

Pictures taken in October 2021. Please click on the thumbnails to see the pictures larger. Note that this gallery has 3 pages of thumbnails.
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  • Scalextric Sport Base Unit x 1. Condition: very good
  • Standard Straight x 11. Condition: fair
  • R1 45 degrees x 4. Condition: fair
  • R2 45 degrees x 13. Condition: fair
  • R3 22.5 degrees x 8. Condition: fair
  • R4 22.5 degrees x 1. Condition: fair
  • Quarter Straight x 6. Condition: fair
  • Half Straight x 5. Condition: fair
  • R1 22.5 degrees x 5. Condition: fair
  • Short Straight x 8. Condition: fair
  • R2 22.5 degrees x 2. Condition: fair
  • R3 45 degrees x 3. Condition: fair
  • side swipe x 2. Condition: fair
  • R1 Hairpin 90 degrees x 2. Condition: fair
  • borders x 73. Condition: fair
  • SCX track wall and fence x 4. Condition: good
  • SCX tyres x 4. Condition: poor
  • trees x 29 x 1. Condition: fair
  • Scalextric grandstands x 4. Condition: fair
  • Scalextric Pits x 2. Condition: good
  • Scalextric tower x 1. Condition: fair
  • magazine shop x 1. Condition: excellent
  • mrrc stands mc 5065 x 1. Condition: hand painted
  • Scalextric K703 control centre x 1. Condition: hand painted
  • Scalextric Dunlop Bridge x 1. Condition: good
  • mrrc timekeepers hut mc 5101 x 1. Condition: hand painted
  • mrrc press box building mc 5063 x 1. Condition: hand painted
  • Vintage Scalextric K704 Marshal Hut Trackside Building x 1. Condition: hand painted
  • Fly Pit wall (start and finish count as 3) x 7. Condition: mixed
  • michelin man x 1. Condition: good
  • airfix shell garage x 1. Condition: good
  • cloth flags x 15. Condition: good
  • grandstand grouped figures x 17. Condition: hand painted
  • mrrc and similar figures x 22. Condition: hand painted
  • preisser and similar figures x 2. Condition: excellent
  • Scalextric entrance building x 1. Condition: good
  • pit equipment x 2. Condition: hand painted
  • carrera grandstand figures set of 20 x 1. Condition: excellent


Layout plan
Table Length Depth Height
Assembled 400cm 180cm 67cm
Left Table Half 210cm 168cm 67cm
Right Table Half 190cm 180cm 67cm
Clearance underneath:43cm; Lane length: 1370cm


Here is an archived video from 2012 shortly after the layout was originally completed. Please note that not all scenic items in this video are included in the sale.

Video of a recent test run of the track, October 2021

Archive Pictures

Please note: not all the figures vehicles and scenery in these pictures are included in the sale. Also this is before the track was put in storage, some restoration would be needed to get it quite as sparkly. Please see the 2021 gallery above for pictures of the layout as it is now

Historic pictures
Historic pictures
Historic pictures
Historic pictures
Historic pictures
Historic pictures Historic pictures
Historic pictures Historic pictures
Historic pictures Historic pictures
Historic pictures Historic pictures
Historic pictures Historic pictures
Historic pictures Historic pictures


About the builder

Dave Chang

photo courtesey of Pendle Slot Racing

Dave Chang has been an active participant in the UK slot car community for many years, attending many club events and an active moderator for both Slotforum - the worlds largest internet forum on the topic, and for Scalextric's official help and advice forum.

He has written articles for European specialist glossy magazine 'Guia Slot Racing' magazine and the NSCC journal, contributed material for the Scalextric annual catalogue, as well as written many online reviews and articles for Slotforum and Gaugemaster Controls.