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Professional digital ProTools internet mastering prices at Flock Mix/Mastering Suite for CD or streaming services

1 song (up to eight minutes long): £35
EP (up to 30 minutes): £120
Album (up to 79 minutes): £250

Mix replacement (using a replacement audio file for an updated master): £5
CD-R/DVD-R (2 copies) via mail: £8 + p&p
Production master (with ISRC/pq encoded/CD-text) ready for glass mastering (2 error checked copies on Taiyo Yuden media with Plextor CD-writer): £30 + p&p
Stems mastering is available for an extra cost - please discuss the complexity for a quote here.


Professional digital ProTools internet mixing and mastering prices at Flock Mix/Mastering Suite

Mixing prices can vary tremendously depending on the production required, running time, track count, recording quality and whether editing and drum replacement are required. Below are some sample prices for straight forwards band mixes with mastering.

EP (4 songs, 16 minutes): £540
Album (12 songs, 45 minutes): £1260

These are ony guide prices, please enquire for a quote for your project here.


Dave can write and program MIDI/virtusl string and keyboard arrangements for your songs. Dave can provide MIDI files, audio files or scores if you wish to have the parts performed by musicians. Dave works with bands to make sure the parts are exactly as intended. POA, please contact for a quote for your project here


Dave is also available for consultancy on studio design, installation and engineering/production training.
Dave can provide editing, pitch correction and drum replacement services.
Dave has the facilities to also offer format transfers between digital data files, DAT, audio CD-R and compact cassette.

Please contact Dave with your requiements here


Dave can bring years experience of successful record production to your project, giving you a creative environment to give your best, musical and technical guidance and assured project management to keep to budgets and timescales. Dave offers a quality service and do his best to make sure you get more than you expected.

The time and resources needed for a particular project will vary tremendously depending on the needs of the client, the style and desired production levels. Because of this, it is impossible to give a price that will reflect the total cost of an 'average' production. Dave will help design a working method, timescale and location to suit your needs and budget.

Dave takes on everything from full scale album release projects down to mixes, mastering or even demos. The main priority is quality. Low cost tracking and mixing options are available to those with a very limited budget. Discounts are available for unsigned acts and small independent labels, as well as for long projects. Please get in touch to discuss your recording, mixing or mastering needs. Use the form  here

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