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Dave Chang is currently focusing on mixing and mastering. He can offers full production and tracking services for interesting projects. He is also available for consultancy on studio design, installation and engineering training. Dave has the facilities to also offer format transfers between digital data files, DAT, audio CD-R and compact cassette.

If you wish to contact Dave Chang about a quote and availability for mastering, mixing or recording, or any of the other services offered, please email or use the form  here.


Do you have demos or songs that need professional simple mixes to give your music power and dimension, and make people listen, worked on by a renowned producer with over 20 years in the industry?

Budget mix package offer a low cost option when you just don’t need the full interactive and lengthy mix process. If you want to just send something in, make a few revision comments after hearing the first version, and get something tat sounds great and presentable, this could be for you.

Prices from £150/song (2 or more songs; unsigned act; track count less than 24; No acoustic drum kit; 3 minutes or less; mastered mix provided electronically in a format of your choice, recommended CD quality 16 bit 44.1KHz wav). Other low prices available for single songs, longer songs etc, please enquire for a quote.

  Flock Studio

Personalised interactive full mixing/mastering services

MIXING is the creative balancing of multi-track audio where individual tracks are processed and effected to give the song its power and emotion, clarity and definition. MASTERING is a two stage process: 'premastering' optimises the sound to fix any sonic artefacts or problems from the mix, make sure the song will translate well to different environments (ipods, radio, hi-fi and clubs) and generally ensure a high standard of audio fidelity and quality; 'mastering' is the technical preparation for manufacture and distribution, often for CD glass mastering and pressing.

Professional quality mixing and mastering services now available by Dave online, with work performed at Dave's Flock Mix/Mastering Suite. (Dave also offers mixing at a studio of your choice if preferred)

Key to the studio is great monitoring with the acurate Neumann KH120A monitors, with reference NS10s as well as small speakers and a range of pro headphones, all in a well proportioned and treated room. Behind this is a powerful Pro Tools native system with an extensive range of plugins from Waves, Sound Toys, Antares, Celemony, Avid, IK Multimedia and many more. And of course the most important factor - the experience and ears behind the desk.

Clients are finding that mixing and mastering via the net is not only cheaper than coming in to a studio, but provides a better and more relaxed workflow: the pressure of the clock is removed, and clients can hear the versions of the mix on speakers they are familiar with.

With both mixing and mastering, the prices will include up to three revisions where you can give feedback and specify changes to the sound or mix. Versions will be sent via internet for evaluation. Final versions can also be sent via internet at no cost.

Please enquire with details of your project using the form here. A personalised quote will be needed for mixing work because the complexity, length, quality and style of the mix will affect the time required and consequnetly the price.


Professional digital ProTools internet mastering prices at Flock Mix/Mastering Suite:

1 song (up to eight minutes long): £35
EP (up to 30 minutes): £120
Album (up to 79 minutes): £250

CD-R/DVD-R (2 copies) via mail: £8 + p&p
Production master (with ISRC/pq encoded/CD-text) ready for glass mastering (2 error checked copies on Taiyo Yuden media with Plextor CD-writer): £30 + p&p

Mixing prices depend on the complexity and quality of the audio and songs, number of tracks, length of songs and production required. Please enquire for a quote.


Dave can bring years experience of successful record production to your project, giving you a creative environment to give your best, musical and technical guidance and assured project management to keep to budgets and timescales. Dave offers a quality service and do his best to make sure you get more than you expected.

The time and resources needed for a particular project will vary tremendously depending on the needs of the client, the style and desired production levels. Because of this, it is impossible to give a price that will reflect the total cost of an 'average' production. Dave will help design a working method, timescale and location to suit your needs and budget.

Dave takes on everything from full scale album release projects down to mixes, mastering or even demos. The main priority is quality. Low cost tracking and mixing options are available to those with a very limited budget. Discounts are available for unsigned acts and small independent labels, as well as for long projects. Please get in touch to discuss your recording, mixing or mastering needs. Use the form  here

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